Packing material

It is obvious that your belongings must be well packed. This is the basis of a flawless move.

We offer a wide range of packing materials:

  • regular boxes
  • book boxes
  • laundry boxes
  • wardrobes
  • wrapping paper
  • export wrap (type of bubble plastic with extra layer of protection)
  • mattress covers
  • soil protection
  • chips for art
  • customized crests for your valuables (personal) such as art objects

We are ready to assist you with this task for all or part of your goods.

If you want to pack everything yourself, tell us. We will send you the packing material a few days before the move.


To get a customized quote, all you need to do is click the button down below and fill in the form with all the details about your move. We will be glad to come back at you with an answer as soon as possible.