If you move from a private property with several tenants/owners, we advise you to follow the next steps:

  • Inform all the persons concerned about your removal, two days beforehand. If you live in an apartment building, you can generally arrange this with the caretaker;
  • Make an appointment to hand over the keys of your old residence and to receive the keys of your new residence. If necessary, have extra keys made!;
  • Inform all suppliers ;
  • Inform the owner;
  • Keep all your valuables in a (temporary) vault;
  • Arrange accommodation for your children and pets on the day of removal;
  • Make appointments to have all facilities installed and started at your new residence (heating, electricity, water…);
  • Return your library books.

A few days before your removal:

  • Put aside the belongings you will need until the last moment in your old house and the belongings you will need from the first moment in your new house ;
  • Determine what & when you will eat on the day of removal;
  • Dismantle your furniture;
  • Take off the curtains (except those in the bedrooms);
  • Plant out the plants you want to move to your new address;
  • Disconnect your parabolic antenna;
  • Remove your carpets and other belongings;
  • Leave dustbins and waste containers empty and clean;
  • Defrost and clean the refrigerator and the freezer;
  • Mark the different rooms in your new house;
  • Make reservations (parking permits) for the removal truck at your both addresses;
  • Collect all your keys and keep them in your hand luggage.

On the day of removal

  • Keep the coffee, tea, sugar, spoons, cups, milk …… separated;
  • Take off the curtains in the bedrooms;
  • Pack the last remaining items;
  • Write down all meter data (water, electricity, gas …) and have these signed by the owner;
  • During the winter: turn off the water works to avoid frost;
  • Check all rooms one last time before you leave;
  • Close all windows and doors;
  • Hand over the keys.

When you arrive at your new residence

  • Make sure your belongings are put at the right place;
  • Make one room habitable as soon as possible;
  • Hang up the curtains in the bedrooms;
  • Leave the refrigerator and the freezer unconnected for one day, in order to avoid damage


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