Actimovers is a dynamic removal company with years of experience in the removal business. We deliver professional work. All our co-operators are removal specialists who are 100% at your service.

Actimovers takes care of your removal, no matter where you move to in Belgium or all over the world. Actimovers has reliable partners and contacts all over the world, who can deliver a perfect service. Of course, this quality service is offered at a fair price, because we know what is important to you.

Every single removal is different. Everybody has his own specific questions and concerns. How do we start packing? Do we need a ladder lift? Can we relocate our offices at night? Who can help us with a removal to the Caribbean? Actimovers knows. We are there to help you, no matter how many questions you might have.


To get a customized quote, all you need to do is click the button down below and fill in the form with all the details about your move. We will be glad to come back at you with an answer as soon as possible.