Is your inside elevator too small, your corridor too narrow or the floor where you are living, too high ?

The elevator is too small, the hall too narrow or it’s just too high?

No problem, our MOVING LIFT brings your goods to their new destination as fast as possible.

From 1st up to the 16th floor, our outdoor lifts up / down your goods without problem. Our operator is also a mover and therefore actively helps loading and unloading.

We have different types of lifts: a lift on a van, on a trailer or a simple motorized ladder with a removable tray. This helps us manage the most difficult accesses!

Do you doubt the access? One of our experienced representatives or team leaders can always come check the window access on the spot.

Together, we will ensure that your move runs smoothly!


To get a customized quote, all you need to do is click the button down below and fill in the form with all the details about your move. We will be glad to come back at you with an answer as soon as possible.